Why is comedy important in life?

Not everyone of us is brave enough to speak out loud all of our opinions. Not everyone is made to be exposed on the public eye because of what we say. But all of us have one thing in common: we all suffer from anxieties and most of us don’t go to therapy.

That’s why comedians end up being like little superheroes -or maybe mediums. Through their work (and your laughs), they end up draining those stressful thoughts that oppress you. And you’ll always find that special comedian who ends up being your favorite because of the way his work matches the exact feeling you have on certain issues.

So, in, please feel free to watch and laugh. Consider us like a little supermarket of world comedians. Come in, fiddle around, and find those special spokesmen of your mind (who happen to be called comedians). After you enjoy them, you might feel a little relaxed and brave enough.

Probably not brave enough to become a comedian, but certainly brave enough to write a friend and say: “You gotta check this comedian I just saw in!”. Thanks for visiting us!

by Reuben Morales (Comedian and stand-up comedy instructor)

John Mulaney

Chappelle’s Show

Whitney Cummings

Josh Johnson

Nick Thune

Carrot Top

Mekki Leeper

Sebastian Marx

Sheng Wang

Sabrina Jalees